How I selected my charities

The number 1 rescue I wanted to raise funds for was obviously Via's rescue, Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation. They trusted me with my girl and for that I will be eternally indebted to them. But, there are so many other great organizations that I admired even before all of this social media stuff and I had such a hard time choosing between them I decided to make a post on both Instagram and Facebook where people submitted their rescue/charity choice and from that I honestly used a voting system so that my potential customers for the store felt they had more of a say in where their proceeds went. At checkout each customer can choose a specific charity or split their proceeds equally between them.


Our end list has ended up as:

Georgia Canine Rescue & Rehabilitation

Pinups for Pit Bulls

Fresno Bully Rescue

Stand Up for Pits Foundation

IPittyTheBull Foundation

New York Bully Crew

Rogue Active Duty Animal Rescue


There were actually so many other charities I wanted to also include (Free the Slaves, Inner-city Scholarship programs and youth support in NY and Chicago, as examples) but decided to keep those donations personal from myself at the end of each month. (If I am going to be completely candid, I didn't like having human causes included on a calculator that said I was raising for animals).


At the end of the day, the ultimate goal I could ever hope for is to help as many innocent souls as possible. We only get one shot at life so why not be the best version of ourselves as possible? So far in 2019 we have raised $903!!!! Thank you all for helping making this happen! XO

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