A Few of my Favorite Things...

I thought I would provide everyone with a list of few of our favorite things (including any discount codes I might have for you)

For amazing custom leather collars, harnesses and leashes make sure to check out my friend, Israel @scrappyscollars who made Czr's custom Gucci set 



Via's pearls are from none other than the amazing @beadiebabiez I am a fan of them because 1) V is way too feminine to be called a boy, 2) I think it helps to soften her relentless RBF, 3) they're just ridiculously cute! 



I am a huge fan of CBD: it has been a lifesaver for Czr who suffers from grand mal seizures and reacts violently to metacam/rimadyl for his arthritis in one of his back legs after he was injured by a vet during a blood withdrawal  

@thepawsitivecollection https://pawsitiveco.com is the brand we use (600mg), as well as the CBD balm for their paw pads and noses (amazing for winter!) code CZRVIA at checkout can save you 25%!

@fomobones https://www.fomobones.com are a low dose CBD treat that the dogs absolutely love. Coupon code czr10 will save you 10% on your order!


Other treats the dogs can't get enough of include Petcurean Catfish Jerky & Fruitables. Truthfully, I try to pack them full of as many antioxidants and omegas in their diet as possible: antioxidants neutralize free radicals and free radicals are what cause cancer. 


Not only can dogs get serious injuries from their paws being subjected to extreme hot or cold temperatures, but the salt used in the winter can contain toxins and carcinogens. 2 of my favorite brands are:

@muttluks https://muttluks.ca

@rcpetproducts https://www.rcpets.com/Paw-Protection/Ultimate-Trail-Boots/Product.aspx


Halo lights are one of the most brilliant items you can purchase for being able to easily track your dog in the dark @halo_lights https://www.halolightsusa.com


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