I don’t pretend to know all the answers when it comes to the pandemic that swept the entire world. At first, when everything shut down, I sat around trying to keep up to date on stats, but after a few weeks of that I found myself fed up with just sitting around, watching the hysteria & doing nothing. Many of you know, we got hit hard with emergencies last year, from a guy running a red light & causing a car accident, to all the emergencies with the dogs I couldn’t help but feel empathetic towards those who would be hurt the most by the economy shutting down. I initially made 12 masks for myself & my loved ones but when I posted it, there were so many people interested that I decided to make some if I could find the right charity to donate to... and let me tell you, I found the PERFECT one! Family Promise is a NJ based nonprofit that has hundreds of affiliates around the US & was working tirelessly to help low income & homeless families, they were rated an astounding 99.95/100 & on top of that, 100% of donations during the pandemic are sent directly to those families! I’m proud to say that since April 7th I’ve sent out roughly $4500 in donations (majority to Family Promise off the sale of our masks!). And no matter how anyone feels about wearing a mask, I think we can all agree that we did good here with them! 

Thank you to everyone that helped us raise so much for such an amazing group! We love you! 

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