What's in a name?

Many people are completely unaware bylaws frequently identify the “pit bull” is not a breed, but a variety of breeds/mixed breeds that produce a dog with certain facial characteristics. What this means is that if you crossed an American Eskimo with an American Bulldog you can end up with a dog that will be labelled “pit bull”. If you try to travel to an area with that dog and are not able to prove to any questioning persons of authority that your dog is not a PUREBRED dog with absolutely no blood of related (similar looking) breeds to "pit bulls" your dog could be immediately seized and destroyed. If that dog ever bites, it becomes a “pit bull” statistic, even if it has zero American Pit Bull Terrier in the blood (please note - when I am speaking of the category that has come to exist that lumps any dog that looks a certain way into this blanket term I will use “pit bull” but when I am speaking of the actual breed I will clarify by referring to them as an American Pit Bull Terrier or APBT).


When you ban “pit bulls” you are, in essence, banning a face shape, there is absolutely no logic behind a presumption that general appearance can adequately identify inherent differences in aggression. To suggest otherwise and kill innocent dogs based solely off this presumption is nothing more than genocide. Despite the myths, stereotypes and fears, bully breeds are extremely intelligent. Look at Czr for an example; he has the ability to express cognition, personal will, and communication. If his face shape was so “bad” how is it not another breed that was able to learn & showcase this talent before us?


Statistics frequently cited to support the pit bull myths are from Merritt Clifton, I encourage you all to research the name & see for yourself that he was exposed as a complete academic fraud. Dogs bite . org is NOT a primary or valid source of information: it is an opinion-based website of a woman with a focused agenda on eradicating any dog that looks similar to one that attacked her. The science does not support the accusations! The National Canine Research Council conducted the most comprehensive study to date identifying common factors related in dog-bite fatalities, the American Temperament Test Society showed the infamous American Pit Bull Terrier as being exceptionally well-tempered, even outscoring the esteemed Golden Retrievers. A continuously growing array of CREDIBLE sources exist that directly counter the erroneous beliefs about "pit bulls", one may seek further information from the American Veterinary Medical Association, Humane Society, The White House, Centers for Disease Control, American Canine Foundation, and many, many more!


I don’t shy away from the term “pit bull”, I can’t... Society will tell me I have pit bulls, the label exists and I cannot stick my head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge it. We will face the same discrimination and nonsense laws that have come to exist against any dog with this particular set of features. However, I choose to spend my energy trying to show people the truth; that this category has come to exist and its impossible to single out a "breed" when it is inclusive to most terriers. I believe it helps explain maybe why they think they hear so much about “pit bull” attacks and helps to uncover how irrational blaming a face shape actually is. All dogs are dogs, they are born inherently CANINE, if you want better behavior the onus is on YOU to teach them. I hate to break it to the “pit bull” mythics - but a bad owner will have a bad dog REGARDLESS of the breed. If you take away pit bulls you are only going to find yourself with another societal “problem dog” until you find a way to educate, support & discourage irresponsible ownership.  


My dogs fall into the vague category of "pit bull", if I brought them into an area with Breed Specific Legislation they would be confiscated and euthanized simply because of the way that they look, with no consideration of their training, temperament, or behavior. However, technically Czr & Via are both AMERICAN BULLIES (on the cusp of pocket-standard). The confusion that exists between American Pit Bull Terriers, AmBullies and exotic bullies makes this distinction even more confusing for the general public. An American Bully was a breed created just in 1990 by crossing Staffordshire Terriers with American Pit Bull Terriers, they were bred specifically for companionship, to be lower drive/energy while still being athletic. They size of their chest & mass muscle on their build is GENETIC, I do not use any bulking agents, and bullies are not lean like an American Pit Bull Terriers. On July 15, 2013 UKC designated the American Bully a separate breed. Exotic bullies are often marketed as American Bullies, they have a variety of Bulldogs (even French) bred into them. Physically, they look more like Bulldogs, their appearance is drastically different, they do not have the athleticism of the American Pit Bull Terrier or American Bully, and I would vehemently oppose calling them AmBullies. Calgary, AB Canada actually fined a man and implemented a lifetime pet prohibition for breeding exotics because of how unethical the courts found the extensive respiratory and orthopedic problems these dogs were bred with to be; they were described as horribly deformed with a limited ability to breathe.








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