We're Back!!!

I shut down everything on social media really abruptly. Some people knew what happened, but the greatest problem I faced at the time was that I just didn't have the mental capacity to really keep up with life, let alone like a hundred thousand people across all social media platforms. I know many were worried about me and I do apologize tremendously! Brain injuries are no joke: I had concussions before so I grossly underestimated the severity that comes when you jump out of a moving vehicle. I can't say I regret it, because I still believe staying in that car would've been a significantly worse outcome... but I never intended to just disappear or worry anyone.


But... we're baaaaaaaack!


If you want something done right, do it yourself though, right? As some of you might know, we tried this store before my brain injury but admittedly we didn't have the best system: I was completely dependent on other companies to do my printing, smaller distributors couldn't keep up with my sales, shipping times to bring them in from other countries took too long, products weren't always printed at a standard I was happy with, and being new at it I couldn't afford to carry a full range of sizes in all the different sizes/colors. This time we're cutting out the middle man and holding stock for blank shirts in a variety of styles, colors and sizes where I myself will be doing all the printing at the time of ordering (please excuse any Czr, Via or Cathy hairs on your products LOL I will do my best to keep them to a minimum)! The goal is to have shirts printed and shipped within 2-3 days after purchase (obviously longer for customized orders).

We've got a lot of fun new options on the horizon & a variety of designs to choose from! I hope you love it all as much as we do!!

Thank you to everyone who has stuck by us and continued to show us so much love. We're blessed to have you all as a part of teamCZR xo

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